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Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Concrete is tough and really lasts. Concrete retaining walls are tough and surprisingly affordable, though not as cheap as timber sleepers. Concrete is great for use on quite steep slopes, narrow blocks and uneven terrain.

Concrete is great to cope with the extra weight of soil for areas where you need a higher wall.

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are strong and not prone to rotting or termites or other insect-related issues. Concrete walls are also easy to clean and maintain.

The concrete can either be left bare or covered with panels to make them fit with your property and surrounding areas.

Concrete sleeper panels can be installed with metal galvanised steel posts and come in a range of styles, textures/patterns & colours.

They can be smooth concrete or textured to resemble natural stone at much less cost than natural materials.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Patterns

Concrete sleepers suitable for wall building come in a range of different styles and colours. Some popular patterns include:

Plain face style

Plain face is smooth and is popular in both commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Large regular size brick style

Large regular sized brick style looks like cur stone bricks. Used in commercial or residential applications.

Limestone or sandstone large brick style

A variety of the large regular stone style are concrete sleepers that look like sandstone or lime stone bricks due to their colour and appearance.

Stack stone rock face or slate style

Stacked stone or slate style concrete sleepers appear to have smaller sized square or rectangle smaller stone pieces. 

Irregular size natural stone style

Irregular sized natural stone style is made to look like natural stone stacks. 

Wood grain style

Wood grain style looks like wood sleepers and comes in different wood grain styles.

Limestone or sandstone large brick style concrete sleepers

sandstone pattern concrete sleeper retaining wall

Recent work (above): Concrete sleeper retaining wall with Sandstone / limestone pattern finish.

Large regular size brick style concrete sleepers

Brick pattern concrete sleeper retaining wall with metal posts

Recent work (above): Concrete sleeper retaining wall with natural brick pattern finish.

Plain face style concrete sleepers

Concrete sleeper retaining wall - plain finish

Recent work (above): Concrete retaining wall using plane concrete sleepers.

Concrete Retaining Walls Melbourne

If your property is on a slope a retaining wall is a great way of making more of your land usable, with the added benefit of looking great! Retaining walls can also help to prevent soil erosion, as well as water pooling and other drainage issues.

Retaining walls can also be used as landscaping features such as raised garden beds and cut through walkways or stairs. 

We can build retaining walls in a range of materials for a range of projects. 

Concrete Retaining Wall Builders Melbourne

Get a retaining wall that meets your needs. Depending on your property different types and materials may better suit your situation.

If you don’t know what is the right choice for you, just ask us we can help you make a choice that meets your needs.

Retaining Wall Options

Some options that you may be interested in include:

Sleeper Retaining Walls
Treated Pine Sleeper Retaining Walls
Galvanised Post Walls
Timber Retaining Walls
Panel & Post Systems
Concrete Retaining Walls
Concrete Panel Walls
Concrete Sleeper Walls
Perimeter Retention Walls
Engineered Retaining Walls
Retaining Wall Repair

Timber sleeper retaining wall with timber pailing fence

Recent work (above): Timber sleeper garden bed retaining wall with timber posts.

Some of our recent work installing concrete retaining walls

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